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Mission Statement

Clinical understanding of the spine and its impact on health and performance is ever growing. Spinal research must continue to advance and further investigate the management of spinal conditions, objective clinical findings, and treatments, therapies, and care to benefit patients. The mission of the Institute for Spinal Health and Performance (ISHP) is to conduct and support health-related research, invention, education, and innovation.

By working together, doctors, researchers, clinicians, students, inventors, educators, and healthcare policymakers can improve our understanding of the spine and interventions that maximize health for the improvement of patient health outcomes.

The ISHP Nonprofit efforts focus on spinal rehabilitation through corrective, structural rehabilitation of spinal alignment and posture. Further, the ISHP Nonprofit has in its purpose to fund spinal research, invention, education, and innovation where appropriate as well as donate needed time, products, or services to these areas to support and advance patient health and performance.

ISHP Nonprofit

Peer-Reviewed Publications

The Institute for Spinal Health and Performance Nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the advancement of spinal health through scientific research, inventions, education, and innovation. Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk started ISHP research in 2006; it was registered as ISHP Nonprofit in 2017 by Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk and Dr. Doug Lightstone. Through this organization Dr. Curtis, Dr. Doug, and colleagues have published over 30 peer-reviewed spine and Chiropractic research publications. Further, the ISHP Nonprofit has supported spinal health advancements and education.

ISHP Nonprofit

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